Bursary & Benevolent Funds


The Trustees of the PPU remain under the Chairmanship of Deirdre Chadwick and comprise Valerie Grimes, Hal Hosford, Billy Given & Helen Holland.

The Trustees meet with the Executive Committee usually in January and a comprehensive report is given then and at the AGM

Applications for assistance from all Bursary Funds will be treated strictly confidentially. They should be made before 31st March and be addressed to: The Secretary, The PPU Bursary Fund Trustees, Wesley College, Dublin 16. The Trustees also administer the Union’s Benevolent Funds which were set up to give grants to Past Pupils in cases of hardship.

The Trustees wish to acknowledge with thanks the monies donated by contributions at the Unions’ annual dinner, the golf outing dinner and at the London re-union in addition to a fundraising Table Quiz and personal donations received during the year.

The Committee of the PPU and the Trustees would be most grateful for any donations or bequests to either of their funds and assure you that any contributions will be put to good use either to enable pupils to receive or continue to receive an education in Wesley College or for Past Pupils to receive a little help in difficult times.

Donations can be made by post or online. Decide which fund you would like to support and click ADD TO CART to make a €10 donation. If you would like to donate more, please increase the quantity in the shopping cart: for example if you wish to donate €70, increase the quantity to 7. When you click CHECK OUT, you will be brought to PayPal where you will be presented with several secure ways to pay including Visa and Mastercard. Thank you for your support and generosity.

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Report on behalf of the PPU Trustees to the AGM 16th May 2016

In the school year 2015/2016 – the current year – the Union through its Bursary Funds is supporting fourteen (14) students for a total committed amount of €14,450. (Last year’s equivalent figures were 16 students and €16,325.)  Bursaries granted have varied from €500 up to €2,000.

The fourteen (14) students represent eleven (11) families in significant financial need:  some of these almost certainly would not have come to, or be in, Wesley College without the help given by the Union.  Two new applicant families received awards, two were declined.

Two (2) of the students were being given financial assistance for the first time:  both from new applicant families.  Twelve (12) of them had been previously supported with a bursary.

The financial support given by the Union to families who have, or wish to place, their children in Wesley College is a major activity of the Union and one that is of critical importance for both the Union and the children.  Of the total tuition bursaries of €14,450, €4,750 was drawn from the PPU Bursary Fund and €9,700 from the Doreen McDonnell Fund created by the generous bequest in 1994 of the late Doreen McDonnell, a former Treasurer of the Old Girls’ and subsequently of the Past Pupils’ Unions.

All bursaries were awarded for education in Wesley College:  no bursaries were applied for or given for third level education.

There were no applications to or grants from the Union’s Benevolent Funds this year (Two awards totalling €1,430 were made the previous year).

During the year the requirements of the Charities Regulatory Authority for registration and compliance with the new Charities legislation (Charities Act, 2009) took up some time and after discussion it was agreed that the monies in the Old Girls’ Union Benevolent Fund would upon maturity be amalgamated into the Past Pupils Union Benevolent Fund. This proposal was brought forward and agreed at a meeting of the Executive.  The Trustees are grateful for the particular work of Hal Hosford in ensuring compliance with the new legislation.

The Trustees act under the Chairmanship of Deirdre Chadwick.  Last November the Convenor Peter Polden indicated his intention to retire that position and on behalf of the Trustees and the Union I would like to propose a vote of thanks to Peter for his guidance and contribution over the past twenty years.