2014 Dinner

The 2014 Annual Dinner was held on Friday Oct 3rd in Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club (the site of Epworth Hall).

I was delighted to welcome our guest speaker for the evening, the Rev Dr. Heather Morris (nee Kingston), the former president of the Methodist Church in Ireland and a proud past pupil of Wesley. In a thoughtful and entertaining speech she spoke eloquently about the challenges of being a working mother and the difficulties in achieving balance between work and family. She fondly remembered her time in Wesley and indeed attributes a lot of her success and strength of character to the education she received there. She also praised the encouragement and support she received from her teachers in Wesley.

After the dinner, I had the opportunity to recount the story of the 1st XV rugby team of 1914 who all signed up to fight in World War 1 (read here) and we remembered the 600 Wesley past pupils who served and in particular the 83 who gave their lives. In response, the Principal also took a look back to the school in 1914. He noted many parallels to the school today and told the story of Turner Huggard who was the organist in Wesley in 1914. Today, the Turner Huggard Memorial Cup is awarded to the best choir at the annual Feis Ceoil, and this year, the fitting winners were the Wesley Senior Choir.

Niall Sisson
Class of 1991