2012 London Reunion

Once again the Annual Reunion took place in the Tower Guoman Hotel on the bank of the Thames overlooking Tower Bridge. The number attending was not a record however 66 was a satisfactory enough figure. It was encouraging to see some younger new faces at the function, one being our current President Elect Simon Grier. Apologies were received from Billy Butt who was unable to make it due to the Eurovision Circus commitment.

As usual the Friday Evening was used by the visiting Irish group to catch up with London Shows, some “Singing in the Rain” and others including your correspondent went to see the “Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. An enjoyable time was had by all.

This was an important year for the School as it marked the 100 year Anniversary of Coeducation in Wesley.  The theme of both speakers, President Elspeth Henderson and Head Master Chris Woods was outlining the celebrations surrounding the event. The evening concluded with a meal in one of the many restaurants on the river bank.

The next morning being Sunday many of the group attended morning service at the Chapel Royal in the Tower of London. Having the opportunity to sing the College Hymn in this Historic Church was the highlight of the trip and being asked to lift the collection along with a Beef Eater in full uniform was a further surprise considering that I was not wearing a suit. Thanks to Mark Williams for making this possible.

Arthur Ennis

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