Organising a Class Reunion

Every class likes to organise their reunion in their own special way. Some meet up in the pub with a budget of €10/head, others in a hotel with full banquet and budget of €70. But whatever you choose to do, you need to find your classmates and promote the event. The Alumni is here to help!

Based on recent class reunions, below are some hints and tips for organising and promoting your own.

Email with details of the reunion – even if you are just thinking about organising one. We will check if anyone else has expressed an interest and if so, put you in touch with each other. Ideally, you want two or three people to organise a reunion.

We will advertise your reunion on both our Facebook page and on

We will give you access to our database of school leavers to help you remember classmates and get their contact details. We will inform the school who will also provide assistance and access to class lists, etc.

We won’t hijack your reunion. We won’t attend your reunion (unless you invite us). We won’t interfere (unless you want us to).

So what are you waiting for? Book the pub. Reserve a restaurant. Hire a hotel room. And have a great class reunion!