2011 Newsletter :: Andrew Stroughair

Welcome to the 2011 newsletter from the Wesley Past Pupils Union. We have revised the format to reduce one of the biggest annual costs to the PPU which is postage. We hope that the change in format does not take away from your enjoyment or indeed the amount of information that we get across.

The PPU is an organisation which exists in the real financial world of post celtic tiger Ireland. The savings we will achieve by reducing postage will allow us to supplement the bursary fun whose investment funds have not escaped the painful reductions in world markets over recent years.

Spring and summer brings renewal and growth and in the same vein the PPU welcomes our new president Elspeth Henderson. We wish her well in the year ahead. The highlight of her year will of course be the Centenary celebrations and we look forward to the programme of events that the PPU and the college are working on. The culmination of these will be the annual dinner on the 1st of October. The dinner will be a much larger event this year reflecting the importance of the centenary celebrations.

The PPU is an organisation with a dual mandate. On the one side it’s a social organisation to facilitate the ongoing gathering of Wesley past pupils, a regular meeting of friends and an opportunity for old classmates to refresh decades old friendships. The other façade of the PPU is the Bursary and Benevolent funds which play a vital role in the day to day life of a number of past pupils. We should not underestimate the role that the Bursary fund is currently playing in the lives of the past pupils that it is assisting. The PPU have been very fortunate in the past to receive bequests which have allowed the Bursary fund to provide this assistance.

The PPU does not exist without the committee guiding the organisation from year to year. Being a member of the committee is not an onerous task with a very limited number of meetings every year usually less than 6. If you feel that you would like to get involved with the work of the PPU committee please feel free to contact any of us and express an interest. My thanks to the committee members who worked hard to run the events last year and are in the process of planning the events for the coming year. In particular Valerie Grimes and Alison Galbraith our Secretary and Treasurer.

Finally the events for the year are laid out before you in the newsletter and we would love to see as many people both regular attendees and new faces at these events.

Andrew Stroughair

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