The College Crest

The College Crest as we know it today is the latest in a long history. In 1891 the school cap was designed bearing a Maltese Cross with the initials WCD. In 1892 the motto ‘God is love’ was added below the Cross, and in 1895 there was a new crest with the Latin motto ‘Aut discite aut discedite sors tertia hic nulla est’ which translated is ‘Either learn or leave; here there is no third choice’.

in 1909 a different crest appeared on the Wesley College Quarterly – a wyvern (representing the Wesley family) above a shield containing three flaming castles (representing Dublin City), separated by a bar, but without any motto.

In 1959 the College obtained from the Chief Herald an official grant of arms for the first time.

The upper part of the shield has a red ground, and bears a book – The Bible – surmounted by a Maltese Cross, an old Wesley College symbol. Beside these is an escallop shell from the arms of John Wesley’s family. The lower part of the shield has a blue ground and on it a flaming castle from the Dublin City arms. The Wyvern, traditionally associated with the ‘Wesley family, forms the crest above the shield. The scroll below the shield contains the College motto in Greek ‘Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.’ (I Thessalonians 5; 21).