Peter Osbourne has setup a Wesley Group on LinkedIn, which is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly.

Below is his introduction message to the Group.

The objective of the group is to have a forum for us all where we can discuss both social and professional issues.
I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the guy who set up the Blackrock college equivalent to our network.  They have currently over 2000 members and they all the use the network extensively.

So the big question is what do they use the group for?  Here are some of the top reasons:

    • To look old friends
    • To advertise Past Pupil Union announcements
    • To discuss issues that are of interest to the specific group
    • To place job advertisements
    • To search for suppliers

The greater Wesley College network is a very unique, small group of people in the grand scheme of things.  However every day we all come across, bits of news that is of interest to the group, jobs that might be of interest to the group and opportunities for group members.

It is important to note that we are not saying “You have the job” or “you have the business”, we are saying; here is an opportunity that you might not have been aware off.

Finally we have all been very lucky in life; I would urge you all to consider the college bursary fund.  This fund helps people in our network who have fallen on harder times.  To support the fund you can make a donation or simply turn up at a number of events that will be advertised this page!

Click here to Join.